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The Stable

The Roman ruler Caesar Augustus thought that he would show how important he was by counting all the people under his rule. Joseph was a descendant of King David who was born in Bethlehem so he and Mary had to be registered there. We don’t know how they travelled there but we do know it would not have been an easy journey as Mary was soon to have the baby promised by God to crush Satan’s power over people. You’d expect God’s forever king to be born in an important place, somewhere clean and comfortable. But Bethlehem was crowded and there was no room in the inn. Mary gave birth to her son and wrapped baby Jesus warmly and laid him in a manger. God’s promised child had finally arrived and news of his great arrival was about to spread

The Shepherds

On the night that Jesus was born on the hills of Bethlehem some shepherds were looking after their sheep. It was dark and quiet until an angel from God appeared saying, “Today in the city of David a Saviour has been born, he is Christ the Lord”. Their surprise continued when more angels came and filled the night sky singing praises to God. The shepherds headed to Bethlehem to see the long awaited promise of God. When they got there they found baby Jesus lying in a manger just like the angel said. They knew everything God said was true, Jesus the king was born.

The Wise Men

When Jesus was born God put a special star in the sky. Some wise men who lived far away saw the star and knew that it was a sign from God that a new king had been born. The wise men followed the star bringing with them precious gifts to worship this new born king. These gifts reveal the identity of Jesus and what he came to do:
– Gold – represents His royalty as King.
– Frankincense – represents His divinity.
– Myrrh – represents His death and burial.

The Story Complete

Christmas Experience

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